Use Email

If your account comes with email service, this tutorial will show you how to use it to send/receive email and manage your email options. Before you can use this service, you have to make sure your domain has been setup and your mailbox has been created.

Once the email service has been setup for your account, you will receive your login details and will be able to start using email.  You may check and send email either by setting up the account with your favorite mailing program on your computer or using the web mail interface. Using the web interface you can also update your email account settings - e.g. change password, set forwarding or auto-responder.

Check and Send email with Mailing Program (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail) 

Follow the steps below to configure a your new account in your mailing program.

Please note that details may vary depending on the program you use, but the basic steps should be the same. The snapshots below show how to configure your account in Outlook. You may refer to additional details for setting up a new email account with other programs at their online help resources: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Blackberry device.  

  1. Add a new email account.  

  2. Fill in your Name and Email address.

  3. For type of incoming email server select between POP3 or IMAP having in mind the following difference:
- POP3 delivers the email to you on your computer, once its downloaded it is no longer available on the server unless you select the option "Leave a copy of messages on server" in the Advanced properties for the account. 
keeps the email on the server and you view and work with it from there.
- For incoming(POP3/IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) servers set:

  4. List your full email address as Account. Fill in the password.

  5. When the account is created select Account >Properties

  6. From Servers > Outgoing Mail Server select the option "My server requires authentication"

  7. Click Settings, select Use same settings as my incoming mail server. Click OK.

  8. Send one test message to You should receive an automated reply if the account is properly

Please note that emails retrieved via a POP3 account on a mailing program will be removed from the server and the webmail interface. If you wish to have them stored there even after retrieved, select the option "Leave a copy of messages on server" in the Advanced properties when setting up your email program to work with the new account.

Check & Send email using the Web Interface

You can access your mailbox online using the web interface at mail..  From here you can check and send email, change your password, set vacation messages, forward your email to another account.

  • Type in mail. within your browser address bar. You may want to bookmark this address as you will be using it frequently.


  • Then login with the account information our team has provided for your mailbox. Please note that your username is your complete email address, including your domain.


  • Once you login, you will see your inbox with a list of all incoming messages. Click on a message subject to open it.

  • To compose a new message, click on the Compose link on top

    Prepare your message and press Send.

Change Password, Forward Email, Set Vacation Messages
From the web email interface at  mail. you can also change your account password, forward your email, set vacation messages and more.

  • To access these settings, login to your account as explained above. Then, from the menu on top select Options.

    This will open a screen for managing account settings and preferences

  • To change your mailbox password, select Change Password option at bottom of the screen. Fill in your current and new password and confirm the change.

  • To forward your mailbox to another email address, from the Options page, select the Forwarding.
    Inside the To field, enter the email address to which you would like to forward email. If you wish to keep a copy within your mailbox and forward to another email address, leave your current email address in the To field as well. Enter multiple emails one per line.

  • To set a vacation message or auto responder, from the Options page select Auto Response. The message will be sent once to every contact who sends you an email during that period. Don't forget to disable the auto-responder upon your return.

              Troubleshoot Email Access Issues

              You retrieve your mail fine, but may not send emails.
               If you are unable to send emails, but receive emails fine, your ISP might be blocking what is called 'Port 25', which is the port used to send email. ISPs usually block that port to cut down the amount of spam sent through their networks.
              How to resolve:

              • Use port 587 rather than port 25 for sending outgoing mail. To change the port in Outlook click Properties for your mail account, and select Advanced tab. Enter 587 in Outgoing mail (SMTP) box.


              • Use the SMTP server of your ISP for sending email (contact your ISP for more information). Enter the new SMTP server in your mail account Properties, tab Servers (for Outlook).