Text and Images - Add and Format Text

The Text and Image element allows you to add text content to your website, format it with different styles and illustrate it with images and videos.

Add a Text and Image and an editor will open allowing you to either type in your text directly or copy-paste it from an external source (a document or web page).



When ready, click the Update button at bottom of the editor and review your content on the page.

The Text and Image editor is similar to any text processing application you may be familiar with. The toolbar on top of the editor contains all needed tools to format and manage your text and image content.

We'll review the styling and formatting options and general operations like saving, copy-pasting and undoing-redoing changes below.


Applying Styles 


The Style dropdown at top left allows to format your text with a number of pre-defined styles which have been carefully selected to match your website design.

To apply a style, first select the text piece with your cursor, then click on the Style drop-down and select the desired option - e.g. Heading 1. 

If you copy-paste content from an external source, its styles will automatically be converted to the ones available for your design to ensure a consistent look and feel.

Formatting Text

The editor includes all standard formatting options allowing you to further update the appearance of your text.

Using this set of icons you can bold, italicize, underline or strike-through a given text piece. Each of these icons also has a keyboard shortcut you may use to facilitate your work. Roll-over the icon to see the keyboard shortcut - i.e. Ctrl + B for bold, Ctrl + I for italics.

The alignment icons allow you to define the positioning of a given paragraph on the page. You can align it to the left, right, center it or justify.

The list icons allow you to create numbered, alphabetical, or bulleted lists.

 Using the indent icons you can move a paragraph to the left or right, relative to the rest content on the page.

Using these icons you can format and position some text as superscript (smaller and positioned above the row of normal text) or subscript (smaller and positioned below the row of normal text).

The Date icon allows you to automatically insert the current date and time within the text.

Save, cut, and copy-paste. Undo / redoing changes

The Save icon allows you to quickly save your content while working inside the editor without having to Update and close the editor itself. The saved changes will be automatically applied on the page. Make sure to frequently save your work. You can also use the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut.

The Cut / Copy and Paste icons allow you to easily move content within the text editor. Select the piece you want to cut or copy, click on the respective icon, then position your cursor on the place where you want to move the selected piece and click the Paste icon. You can also perform these functions using keyboard shortcuts. Highlight the desired content and use Ctrl + X to Cut, Ctrl + C to Copy, and Ctrl + V to Paste.

The Undo / Redo options allow you to undo or redo the last editing changes which have not yet been saved.

When you are ready with content updates press   at the bottom of the editor to apply your changes on the page.

Apart from adding and formatting text, the Text and Image editor also allows you to create links, insert images, add video, audio or flash files, integrate add-on tools with HTML snippets, add horizontal lines, structure content with tables, search and replace within your content or spell-check it.