Back up your website with HTTrack


Your website is reliably hosted on a global infrastructure with automated backup and monitoring system. You may, however, need to download a copy of it on your local computer every now and then - for example, before making major content or design revisions.


An easy and free tool that would allow to download your website on your computer is HTTrack. Follow these steps to run it and have your site downloaded.


1. After you have downloaded HTTrack installation file, click it twice to setup the software on your computer. When the setup is complete, click Next to start downloading your site.



2. Choose your project name and define your destination folder (the folder where the copy of the site will get downloaded). Click Next.



3. Select the default Action: Download web site(s) and type your website URL in the Web Addresses (URL) field below. Click Next. If you receive errors when downloading your site with the default settings consult the HTTrack FAQ Page.




4. Leave all settings in the next step as loaded by default and click Finish:



5. You can view the progress of your download (usually takes several minutes).



When the downloaded copy of your site is complete, you may:

  1. Check the error log file, which could contain useful information if errors have occurred. Find out more about possible errors, how they may occur, and how to troubleshoot at the HTTrack FAQ Page.

  2. Browse the copy of the website
  3. Click the Finish button to exit HTTrack. 



Your website will now be downloaded as a folder with a number of sub-folders to the location specified in step 2. You may browse your site offline by opening the folder titled and selecting from the browser files within.