How to set email autoresponders for your forms

If your customers need to fill in a registration, subscription, feedback or information request form on your site, there is nothing they'd appreciate more than a timely response which acknowledges their information has been properly submitted and will be processed shortly. With a simple Form functionality you can easily set auto-responses to web forms, so that your customers receive an immediate email confirmation once their form has been successfully submitted.


  1. Create your web form. Click on the Submit button. A panel with form settings will open to the right. Select whether you want to submit the information filled in by customers to an email address, mailing list or blog.
  2. To set an auto-response select the Send Confirmation Email option as well. A section with additional parameters will expand.
  3. The To field is the address which should receive the confirmation message. From the dropdown, select the name of the field in your form, where visitors will fill in their email. This way, the confirmation will be sent to the email address provided by each user. To guarantee this will be a valid email address, when constructing the form set this field to be validated as email.
  4. In Subject fill in the desired subject of the confirmation message.
  5. Select Plain format if your confirmation message does not need any complex formatting. Select Html format if the information in the email requires more advanced presentation layout.
  6. Click the Use Template checkbox > Edit option to modify the text of your auto-response message. Compose your text within the template editor. In the places where the content of a form field should appear, select the name of this field from the Values dropdown. For instance, if you want to personalize your message, you can address your customer by name - just select include as value the name of the field where customers are required to provide their name.
  7. Save the email template. Add / Update the form. Publish the page and give it a try. You should receive an email confirmation, immediately after successfully submitting the form.