E-junkie: Buy Now buttons through 2CheckOut or TrialPay

E-junkie offers integration with 2CheckOut and TrialPay but only for Buy Now buttons, not Shopping cart. So, you may use these processors mainly for selling non-tangible items - i.e. digital product like ebooks, software, gift cards etc.


With 2CheckOut there is a $49 setup fee, no monthly fee, and 5.5% commission plus a $0.45 charge on each total sale.


With TrialPay you can offer your product for free and still earn the full cash value or more for your product when a customer purchases one of TrialPay advertisers' products. There is no subscription or processing fee.

The digital delivery of your product files will be automated and secure - with option to set download links to expire after set number of downloads or specified time period

See instructions for configuring E-junkie with 2CheckOut.
See instructions for configuring E-junkie with TrialPay.

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