Select and add custom photos to your site


Stock photo images are usually used within the site page header. However, stock photos may also visually support your text content, and therefore may be added inside any content area as well.


Your site comes with a number of stock photos that you may select as your page header images. These images are grouped by category and color, and are selected to match the feel and look of your website design.



You may, however, add your own page images to match the branding and the specific purpose of your website. If you are a photographer, have printed materials prepared, or plan to migrate an existing site, you might already have some photos that you want to use on the website. Otherwise, you may turn to the huge stock photo libraries of some inexpensive suppliers like Fotolia and iStockphoto.


To display a stock photo from Fotolia or iStockphoto on your site, follow these steps:


Selecting stock photos


1. Check the recommended page image size for your design. Roll over the page image area and click the blue  icon on the left. Inside the Page Image window select Source: Custom Image.


The recommended image size (width x height) will appear on the right of the Size dropdown. You may use a page image with height different than the recommended one if you choose Custom Height from the Size dropdown.



The page image width, however, should be close to the recommended one for best results.

2. Choose and buy the image from the desired stock photo supplier. When choosing an image, be careful to:

  • select an image with horizontal orientation, i.e more wide than high. Thus when you crop the image to the desired size you won't need to cut out important parts of the original image.
  • buy an image size for which the width is equal to or is more than the recommended page image width. Otherwise your image will not take up the full width of your page header area.

Proceed to: Select a stock photo from Fotolia | Select a stock photo from iStockphoto