Using AdSense Content

Let's setup the AdSense for Content feature:

1. When you select the AdSense for Content you will have to choose between two Ad Types, Ad unit and Link unit. The Ad unit option is targeting your site's content only, whereas the Link unit extends the possible results with topics relevant to your content. Select one of the options to continue. At the next step you can customize the appearance of the ads using the format options, the  color palette, the corner styles and to enable / disable alternate ads (these are displayed if there are no relevant ads available). The color changes will be visible directly on the Sample preview.


2. Add channel to track the performance of your ad unit. The channels allow you to view detailed analysis on the performance of your ad unit by overall revenue reports. When you create a channel AdSense starts tracking impressions, click through rates and earning statistics. The channels can track either a URL, i.e. all the ad units placed under it (URL Channels), or a particular ad unit on a page (Custom Channels).

3. Assign a meaningful name to your ad unit and press Submit and Get the Code button. The next page will post the code that you should add to your site.


4. Upload it to your site using the HTML snippet. The HTML snippet should be placed exactly where you want the ad unit to appear. You may need to wait for a while until the ads start appearing on the site.

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