30 Boxes Calendar 

After you sign up at 30 Boxes it's time to start creating your calendar! You may choose to start by using the personalization wizard or instead just skip right into making your calendar.

Add Events
There are a number of ways to add an event:
  • You can type your event date, time and event name (e.g 'Lunch with Dave Wed 1pm') in the box on top. Click Add. The event name will automatically get mapped to the specified date and time in your calendar.
  • Click on a day in your calendar and in the popup displayed type your event name. Click Add.


  • Click the detailed entry link above the box at the top of your calendar. A popup will open asking you to define a number of settings for your calendar entry.


How to  Edit or Delete an Event


From your main calendar, right-click (or CTRL-click for Mac) on any event that you have created and select Edit or Delete.

Or, double click on some day from the calendar to open the events scheduled for that day, and edit or delete using the options to the left of each event.


How to Invite someone to an Event
Invitations can be made in any Add Event box by typing the plus sign "+" and then a person's email address.

For example:

  • Birthday Party sunday 12pm +joe@gmail.com

The entry above will trigger an email to that person allowing them to accept, decline, or learn more about the event. If they are also using 30 Boxes the invitation will automatically appear on their calendar.
You can also send invitations from the "detailed entry" form.

Learn more about the different features and customizations of your 30boxes Calendar.

Add the calendar to your website

1. Click the Share button (1) from the top left side of your calendar and select Share By Tag Options (2)


2. From the Settings page select Calendar Widget.

3. Copy the HTML code from the box displayed.


4. Paste the code in an HTML snippet on your website.

Publish the page and your calendar will look similar to this: