Add Horizontal Lines

You can easily *Add Horizontal Lines in the Text and Image Editor to break up content on a page.

Position the cursor where you wish to have the Horizontal Line and click on the Horizontal Line icon  from the toolbar on top. A placeholder will indicate the Horizontal Line positioning within your page content.

With the default settings you can change the Line Style and Ornament.

  • Style - it can be Single Line, Double Line, Dotted Line, Dashed Line, Fading Lines and Custom lines. Here are a few examples:

  • Ornament - you are able to select different pre-made ornaments for your Horizontal Lines, or enabling a custom caption text. You can find few of these options displayed below:

Enable the Advanced Options  to adjust the Ornament Alignment (Left, Center, Right), and the top and bottom Spacing Around the LIne (above or below the item).

*View your My Account information to confirm if your account subscription includes this feature.