Add streaming videos with Google Video and YouTube

You may add videos to your site using the Text and Image editor. The videos added this way, however, will not stream - your site visitors will need to wait until the whole video got loaded before they may view it.


Video streaming, on the other hand, allows you to watch a video while it is being delivered by the video provider. To add streaming videos to your site you may host your videos with Google Video and Youtube, and then integrate those videos on your web page using the HTML Snippet.


Display Google Video


To start adding videos in Google Video, log into your Google account or sign up one. Access and click the Upload Video button on top right.


1. Select the file you want to upload, fill in the title and description, agree to the Upload Terms and Conditions and click the Upload Video button.



2. Once you have successfully uploaded your video you may choose to upload more, or view the movies you have already uploaded by clicking on See all your uploaded videos link.



3. Inside your Video Status page, wait until the status column reads Live (this usually takes a few minutes), and then select View.



4. From the page displaying your video choose Embed video from the top right and copy the code displayed.



5. Add an HTML snippet at the location where your video should appear, and paste the code in the snippet box.



The video on your site will stream like this one: