Pointing Your Domain with Every DNS


Please make sure you have already filed your registered domain in the Site Properties of your website. Setting up DNS hosting with Every DNS and pointing your domain to our IP will complete the updates needed to have your site visible under your own domain.

  1. Login with your account at your registrar's website and update the DNS info for your domain with the nameservers of the selected DNS hosting provider.
  2. Register for DNS hosting. Go to http://www.everydns.net. Fill in your info in the sign-up area, press Signup.

  3. Fill in your domain in the text field below "(basic)" on the left part of the screen. Click ">> (basic)" button to add it.


    Your domain should now appear on the left, below "Primary Domains:"
  4. Click on the domain to edit its records. A panel with the domain's records will open.
  5. To point it to our IP, below "Add a record:" type the full address (mydomain.com) in the field named "Fully Qualified Domain Name:", select "A" in record type. Type in the "Record Value:" field and press "Add Record"

  6. Then, similarly, add an alias (CNAME) record for www.mydomain.com pointing to mydomain.com, to have your domain functional both with and without www.


Your DNS hosting is now set up and the domain is pointed to our IP. It may take up to 48 hours for the DNS propagation around servers to be completed. After this period passes, visitors should be able to access and browse your site by your registered domain.