Select photos from iStockPhoto


To select and purchase a stock photo from iStockphoto follow these steps:


1. Go to iStockphoto website and type in the search box on the top keywords related to the image you need. An automatic filter by file types will be displayed below - you may restrict the image search to photographs, illustrations, flash, etc. Select 'None' in all dropdowns except 'Photographs' to search inside photos only.


2. In the image search results, rollover an image to see its large thumbnail. Click the image to see the image desctiption, available sizes and pricing. With most designs, an S-sized image will fit into the page header. Designs with larger page image area, though, will need an M-sized image.

Select the desired size, leave the Standard License option checked (Extended license should be used when the image is used for print runs, for resale, etc) and click Buy button.



3. You will be asked to login with your account. If you don't have an account - create one.


4. After you signed up / logged in, the details of your selected item will again be displayed. Click Buy button again. A popup will open asking you to select between pay-as-you-go or subscription payment plan. Unless you plan on buying images regularly, you may choose the 'Pay-as-you-go' option and select a desired credit package. Click Buy Now to purchase the package.




5. Throughout the three Checkout screens verify your cart contents, enter your billing address and payment method.



5. After payment you will be able to download the selected image(s) in the specified size.


Proceed to: Add the image to your website