Select photos from Fotolia


1. Go to Fotolia website and type keywords that relate to the desired stock image in the search box on top. Click go!.


2. From the search results displayed pick the image you like. You may view larger version of each image thumbnail when you roll over the image.
Click Add to Shopping Cart link below the selected image. The link text will change to 'In my shopping cart'. If you wish to purchase other images, click 'Add to Shopping Cart' for those as well.

3. When done with the image selection, click My Shopping Cart link on top right. You will be asked to select the desired size for your image(s).
With most designs you would need the S-sized image. For designs with bigger page images an M-sized image would be needed.

4. After done with the size selection, check 'Click here to accept the contract conditions' and press Continue button. You will be asked to login with your account. If you don't have an account, create one.


5. After login / account creation you will be taken to your shopping cart and prompted to buy the number of credits required for the image size you selected.

6. Click Buy credits link and you will be asked to specify the number of credits you want to purchase (at least 10). All purchased credits have an expiration date, i.e should be used to purchase images until that date.

7. Click Continue, enter desired payment method and payment information. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will be allowed to download the purchased file in the selected size.


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