E-junkie: Add your products

Once you have configured your payment processors, you can proceed with adding your products.

1. Login to your E-junkie account and from Seller Admin > Manage Products click on "Add Product"

2. Specify Product Name, Price and Currency

3. Specify the Requirements for your product depending on its type and the expected result after purchase.

a) For a downloadable item - e.g. an electronic book - enable the option for file download. On next steps you will be prompted to upload your product files. The product would be delivered for download to your customer upon payment. (see more on digital delivery)

b) For a product which requires activation with a code - e.g. a software registration code - select the option for sending stored or generated codes. (see details on selling codes)

c) For a tangible item - e.g. Tshirts - enable shipping (see help on the shipping and handling calculator), sales tax and VAT (see details on setting up sales tax and VAT).

If the item allows for variations in which affect the price (e.g. color, size etc) enable the option for "Variants having individual price". (see details on setting up variants)

If customers should be able to purchase multiple items from one product - select the option "Let buyers edit quantity".

For tangible goods you may also want to enable inventory control. (see details on managing inventory)

d) If your are selling a service for which you need to simply redirect the buyer to a specific page on your site after the purchase, select the redirection option. (see details on configuring redirection)

e) At present you can't use E-junkie for selling recurring subscriptions where your customer is automatically billed for the service on regular intervals (each month, year, etc). Consider adding PayPal buttons directly if you are selling recurring subscriptions.

4. The Optional settings would allow you to configure your "thank you" email to the buyer. (see further details on customization). You may leave these settings empty for a standard message.

5. Press SUBMIT button or use More Options to configure additional product settings (packaging for tangible items, expiration, valid number of downloads for digital items, discounts, or, if selling with 2Checkout, specify your 2Checkout Product ID)

6. The final page to which you will arrive after adding the product will give you the Cart or Buy Now button code you should place on your website. If your product is a downloadable file, on this page you will also have an Upload button to upload your product file.

a) If you are selling a single product you may use the Buy Now buttons code for integration within your site. Select this tab and click on your a payment processor to get the code for it. You may add buttons for multiple payment processors for one product.

Please note that Buy now buttons do not support variations for a product, so if you have enabled this option, you will only have Cart buttons code available.

b) If you are selling multiple products, select the E-junkie Shopping cart buttons.

Proceed to: Add payment buttons to your site

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