E-junkie: Add the payment buttons to your site

Once your products are added inside E-junkie, you just need to get the HTML code for each product and add it next to the product description on your web page. We'll review the steps for implementing a Shopping cart, but the process is the same for Buy Now buttons as well.

1. Copy the Add to Cart button code.

Login to Admin view of your site and locate the page with the detailed description for the particular product. Open the Text and Image element with the product descriptions.

Within the Text and Image Editor, click on the place where you want to add the button and from the tools on top select Insert HTML Snippet.

Paste the code within the HTML Snippet box which will open in the right panel.

Click Update and preview the button on the page. Repeat these steps for all products you will be selling on the site.

Next, you should add a View Cart button on each page where you have Add to Cart buttons.
You may copy the View Cart button of any product you will be selling on the site.

Then paste it at a visible spot on each page (e.g. top of page) following the same steps as with the Add to Cart buttons.

You may use the Shared header area of business designs if you wish to add the View cart button on all pages at once.

8. Publish your page and test-drive the setup.

On clicking to order an item it will be added to the customer's shopping cart. On View Cart the customer will be able see and edit all items in the cart, select a payment method depending on the payment processors you have enabled and proceed to checkout.

For each order you will receive a notification from your payment processor. You will also receive an email with transaction info from E-junkie. You can view all transaction details from E-junkie Seller Admin > View Logs > View Downloads transaction logs.

You are now ready to start selling online!
For further details and advanced options with E-junkie, please refer to E-junkie Help and FAQ sections.

Register an account with E-junkie
Configure payment processors
Add products to E-junkie
Add payment buttons to your site

You can download a PDF copy of this tutorial: