Posting News


Some designs (Bright Flowers, Minimalistic, Charcoal, Chromia, Cocoa, Aurora) have a news section. Each News Item in this section features a short title text, an optional link to a page and the date when it was added.


News Items usually exist in groups of two or more. Therefore, the content element you need to add to be able to add news items is named a News Group.

To add a News Group simply reach for the the Top Menu and select Add Content > More > News Group. Green rectangles will indicate the locations where a News Group may be added. Select the desired location by clicking on a green rectangle. The News Group will be added and a popup will open asking to add your first News Item.



When you add news, the State dropdown will always be prefilled with Shown option. News may be converted to Archived state only after you added them.

In Date you may type the date displayed for this news, or enter today's date by clicking Set Today link.

Type a short Title for your news and in Link dropdown select the page this News Item should link to. You may select an existing page, an external link or may add a new page. The page you selected here will be accessed using a 'More ' link automatically appended to the end of your News Item. If you select None in the Link dropdown - a 'More ' link will not be created.

Click Add and your News Item will be created.


To add more News Items to your News Group just roll over the News Group. Click on the  icon displayed on the top right, and green rectangles will prompt you to choose the location for your next News Item. Click a rectangle and another Add News window will open.


You may archive old news and make them accessible through an Archive link below your News section. To archive a News Item roll it over and click the  icon displayed on its top left. In the news properties popup change the State dropdown to Archived. Submit. The News Item will now be removed from the list of active news and will appear inside the linked Archive page.


Please note that you may have many News Groups added to your site, but all of them will display the same News Items. Any changes applied to the News Items in one News group will be automatically applied to the News Items in all other News Groups on the site.