The Online Payments Application allows you to add PayPal or Google Checkout buttons to any page on your website for quick purchase or donation made by your visitors.

To get started you have to Install the Online Payments application. The application will be added to your Add Content menu after installation. Select the application from the Add Content menu; the green rectangles that you see will highlight all possible positions where it may be added. Click the desired location to add the content in this spot.

Note: the Online Payments application cannot be added inside a Text and Image Editor. It is only designed to be added as an individual element. When used in combination with the Section Group element, you can create a layout very similar to what can be achieved when using Tables inside the Text and Image editor.

Once you add the application on page, a properties window will show you the PayPal Buttons you can add:

Or the Google Checkout Buttons you can use:

You can select the type of button you want to generate. For PayPal you need to insert Item Name, Price & Currency to be used for the purchase or donation, and your PayPal account, and for Google Checkout you need to insert Item Name, Price & Currency, and Google Checkout Merchant ID.

Turn the Advanced Options on to apply any additional configurations. You can review the advanced settings for each button at: PayPal button Advanced Options and Google Checkout Button Advanced Options.