The Appointment Scheduler application allows your site visitors to conveniently book appointments 24/7 directly from your website. They will be able to select the service they would like to receive, choose a day and a time slot from the list of available times and after entering their contact information the appointment is booked.

To add this application to your site, go to Control Panel > Applications and select the Appointment Scheduler application. On the next screen, click Install. Choose the application from the Add Content menu and click on a green area of the page to apply the element where you want it to appear.

General Settings

In the General settings tab you can setup the basic required options for your Appointment Scheduler.

 "Book Now" Button

  • Button Type: Choose one of several pre-defined button types, or upload a custom image.
  • Caption: Define the button's Text Caption. (Only available for pre-defined buttons)
  • Icon: Select an Icon to apply to the button. (Only available for pre-defined buttons)

Business Hours

Set the Hours which appointments will be available throughout the week.


Requires Confirmation: If this box is checked, the application will inform the user to - "Please stay tuned for a message confirming your booking at the specified email address."

Notify by Email: Add email addresses that should receive a notification of new appointments.

When the Advanced Options have been enabled you can  also set:

Time Format: 12 or 24 hour clock.

Maximum Width: The maximum space of the Appointment Scheduler on the page (in px).


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